It's Copyrighted

It’s Copyrighted

If it is your original work, it is copyrighted!

As the Internet is growing so is Copyright Infringement.  Plagiarism is Theft.  There are ways to protect and detect Copyright Infringement and you can report Intellectual Property Theft to the proper departments with a little research.  Use one of our ICLogos to state your website is Copyrighted.

All work finished and unfinished is copyrighted to the author and protected under the law, title 17 U.S. Code.  You may not copy work, including text and designs, of the author and modify it slightly and call it yours without express permission from the owner of the copyrights.

Copyright infringement is punishable under the
law and you could receive up to $150,000 in fines per infringement.  Potential statutory damages are $30,000 or more per each incident for federally registered copyrights.

When is something copyrighted?  On the date the Author creates original “copyrighted” work (designs, photographs, text) and it is printed or photographed it is copyrighted whether finished or unfinished.  Digital Watermarking is a one way to prove the original date the photograph was created.  Send a CD or DVD backup of your website and/or copyrighted work in on a CD to for a legal back up for a small fee of $45, which is a very small price to pay for a piece of mind.

There are plenty of resources on the Internet that explain what copyrights are and when it is infringed upon what do you do?  There are resources on the internet that can locate plagiarism of your text and often that trail leads to several offenses of copyright infringement.

For instance the program Copyscape is a great way to detect plagiarism of your website text material.  Often this will lead to other forms of infringement such as stolen photographs and/or stolen copyrighted designs.  You can do a Whois search on the infringing domain to locate their contact information as well as the website’s host provider.  If you are unable to get the owner to remove the infringing material you can report it to the company that is hosting their website.

This website is meant for informational purposes and is not intended as legal advice.